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Let’s talk about your goals!

I will guide you through intentional ways of letting go. We work at your own pace, while I keep you focused on the prize.

It’s up to you how hands on you want to be. I have several ways to facilitate this process.

Ultimately we aim to clear the clutter of your past, so that you can pave the road to a more meaningful future and discover the most efficient methods to curate and organize your life in the present moment.


Take what you need and leave the rest!

Every time we move it gifts us an opportunity to reprioritize our life. Let’s do it right!

I can assist you with downsizing prior to moving. Packing with purpose is the most efficient way to start out on the right foot.

When we reach the other side, set-up is a breeze. I help you maximize your new space while honoring your lifestyle and routines so that we are also maximizing the way you use your time in your new home and new chapter of life.

Need help with all the details? I can project manage your move from start to finish. This also includes a deep organization of storage units if needed.

Take full advantage of my resources and partnerships with movers and junk specialists.

All budgets considered, whether you are looking for white glove luxury, quick and cheap or anything in between, I’ve got you covered!


Yes, I will need to know your height, that’s how customized…custom designs actually are.

I spent 3yrs working at The Container Store in Visual Sales, Merchandising, and Custom Closet Design.

During my time with TCS, I gained a plethora of knowledge on how to measure, design, and flesh out any space with the most beautiful products and organizing solutions to fit your budget, personal esthetic and individual needs.

I can turn a blank wall into a bookcase, closet, pantry, office, media center, craft room, or even storeroom shelving.

Anything you can imagine, weather this is for a home or business that you rent or own, I can work with what you have or start from scratch to custom design the most beautiful functional space of your dreams!


As a New Yorker I understand the lack of space and how some areas have to do double time. The goal is to have form and function. Optimizing storage space while maintaining ease of access. I consider myself to be a space expert with an engineer’s mind. I implement creative solutions with precise measurements and client specifications to design everything to fit your tiny space and all of your many needs.


Lean into-it approach!

Organizing methods that align with daily derailment allowing for grace and circular thinking. A different way of viewing when we find ourselves getting off track…not everything has to be a straight line.

Accountability Body Doubling, Let’s Do It Together! Maintenance Made Easy!


Organizing with precautions and rituals in mind.


Downsizing with dignity!

Relocation made simple!



The story of life is filled with so many transitions. With each new chapter, organization becomes the key to success.
These pivotal points in our journey include but are not limited to:

  • Nesting and Nursery Organization
  • Playroom Evolution
  • Marriage of Material Belongings with Partner
  • Business Growth
  • Relocating and Downsizing


This is the act of organizing with the end in mind. We declutter as to not burden loved ones with belongings and decisions. This gifts them with more time to effectively grieve. Less drama, less guessing. We make sure your belongings land in their intended destination bringing you and the people you care most about peace of mind.

*Ask me about creating a Life Review as we go through the clearing out process.


Besides needing to keep all the post death paperwork in order, manage material items that have sentimental value and trying to imagine how life is lived moving forward, you will need emotion support and neutral but nurturing guidance.
This is the, “what’s next?” phase of life. The part where we must carry on.

I work hands on helping you not only go through it but get through it.

Everyone grieves differently. It’s not a one size fits all. I have multiple methods that allow for you to dip in and out at any moment.

Some people choose to stow things away in a weathertight totes and carefully archive and protect priceless memories while others want to curate and memorialize their loved ones with a shrine or display.

After we address what suits you best, we bring the focus back to you and how you will carry on living your best life until you reunite with your loved one when it’s your time.

Let’s get you set up for this new chapter of independence and healing.


After all the legal ducks are in a row, I can help manage the distribution of all items not for resale.


Hi, I’m Christina!

I provide custom organizing solutions to minimize stress and maximize your daily routine.

With a focus on empathy and intuition, I lean into my knowledge of product and space design to help you transform your home, office, or business.

Life is forever fluid and it takes a conscious effort to navigate that flow.

With carefully crafted systems and organization you gain efficiency of time and quality of life!

As we evolve into the best versions of ourselves, we endure endless transitions to evoke growth. With each new chapter comes challenges. In order to transition seamlessly and easily adapt to change, you need to be grounded in a solid foundation.

Organization is the very structure that provides consistency throughout any form of change. It’s the nucleus of any successful home or business.

Let’s get to the core of it. Let’s lay the foundation. Let’s dream it done so you can live with intention and evolve with purpose!

Dream It Done Organizing!

We DID it!

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