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Hi, I’m Christina Fallon!

Owner and Operator of Dream It Done Organizing!
“We DID It!”

Born in the heart of the country Kansas City, Missouri but left town at an early age and grew up in California, Bay Area, moved again as a young adult and I’ve spent the past 18 yrs of my life in NYC.

I wasn’t always organized per say, however I’ve had a lifelong knack for making a house a home. I love to create a cozy ambiance for inviting friends and family to let their guard down. I also know the value of having a humble sanctuary for moments of solitude.


My interest in organizing all things, started in the most unique and unexpected way.

Back in 2017, I became a certified Death Doula.

I’m trained in 6 different areas of death support. All 6 areas are interesting. Let’s chat about it some time!

Besides Death Bed Vigil, the part of my training I felt most connected to was Grief Organizing.

This umbrellas organizing different elements of death and the dying process. I became a concierge of Death. Organizing everything from final wishes to final disposition and the delicate balance that entails when trying to bridge the two.

When it comes to physical belongings I am trained to lovingly assist with Swedish Death Cleaning, Post Loss Organizing and Estate Clearing.

As I strived to give people an honorable death I yearned to help people live their best life!
One thing becomes undeniable when you work in death care; you understand the importance of time!

I was trained to organize people by their highest values. Efficiency buys you time… and understanding how you wish to spend your time is what helps me create a customized blueprint beyond just measurements and pretty bins with labels.

Oh but I do love a good bin that fits snugly on a shelf. I love them so much I wanted to educate myself on every product that makes life pretty and easier. Enter the next leg of my journey. I decided to get a job in visual sales at one of the largest organizing retailers across the country. The Container Store became my home away from home. I worked in several roles throughout my 3yrs with TCS. It was like getting my PhD in organizing. By the time I resigned to run my own business, I was a trained closet designer and I had already been lending my expertise to customers looking to get organized, other Professional Organizers, Interior Designers, small businesses and store fronts across the country that needed custom solutions.

As a single mom I took a risk and a life changing leap to start my own business. I want my daughter to know she can do anything she dreams of! So I founded Dream It Done Organizing!

I have partnered with and assisted many Professional Organizers along the way. There is room for all of us in this world, but what sets me apart is my unique training and empathic approach. I recently spoke with a PO that told me she was not a Kumbaya Organizer who will personally sit with you while you agonize over letting go of your baby’s shoes. She is amazing at project managing and running big teams. I admire her and look up to her in many ways, however I cherish those moments the most, when a client shares a snippet of their life through the story of an object that may or may not serve them in the present moment. I have learned to meet people exactly where they are in their journey.

I can handle the details while you are busy living or I can work side by side with you while we embrace the process as a team. Together we can Dream It Done!


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